Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Building A Community In West Oahu Known As Ho‘oplili

Newly built townhouses at phase one of Ho‘opili in Kapolei and ‘Ewa.
Ho‘opili, located on the West-side of Oahu will provide over 12,000 units, from townhouses to single-family lots in the Kapolei and ‘Ewa area. The future community will also include retail, office, and industrial space, creating an urban, walkable, and mix-use neighborhood.

“Ho‘opili is much needed for this growing city, which will not only help the residents of Hawaii in the future, but has created job opportunities now for industry trades,” said Reginald Castanares, Business Manager/Financial Secretary for Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 675.

Currently, Local 675 signatory contractors TNH Plumbing and Honolulu Fire Protection have been busy working on phase one at Ho‘opili.

As you can see, the photos left show various stages of construction taking place throughout phase one. In the top picture, crews from TNH Plumbing are preparing the foundation for pipe installation.

Construction of Ho‘opili began October 2016.
Crews from TNH Plumbing preparing the foundation for more housing units.

Industry trades working on different areas of Ho‘opili.

Jonah Hamada with TNH Plumbing working on leveling clean-out in
the driveway of a single-family home.

Honolulu Fire Protection - (left to right) John Cocson,
Joseph Areola & Lincoln Streadbeck.

TNH Plumbing - (left to right) Front: Carl Montiho & Ferdinand Madarang
Back: Ryan Takahashi Paepaeiva Silifaiva-Kaeha Jr. & Chris Keola

TNH Plumbing (left to right) Koree Willett, Jeremy Marumoto, Jonah Hamada & Quentin Kea.

TNH Plumbing (left to right) Darren Mizuo &
Erik Savage.
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